5 Tips to SAVE MONEY when doing Airsoft & Milsim

The experienced guys out there will agree, that when you get into Airsoft you’re somewhat doomed to put a lot of money into the sport. So, for the rookies out there be WARNED and don’t say we didn’t tell you. Whether it is for airsoft guns, gear, ammo, upgrades or even event costs for bigger events, doing Airsoft is expensive. But we’ve found 5 tips that will help you save some money in the end.

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Our first of the 5 tips is to refill your ammo as much as possible above your weapon case or bag. No matter how gentle you are in pouring those BBs in your high cap magazine or speed loader, some always tend to escape and end up on the ground. This makes them not useable anymore.

Or worse, the loss you get when accidents happen (like dropping an entire bag of ammo, admit it we've all been there before). Therefore when loading them above your case or bag, you are able to retrieve the ones that have fallen in there. On condition your case or bag is clean you can use them again without any problem.

TI​​​P: ​A handy trick to apply when having bags of BBs instead of bottles is to use a piece of tape. This to make a​ small gap in the large bag opening. This allows for a better and more controllable pouring use and therefore preventing excessive loss of your precious ammo.


Empty you mid or low cap magazines after usage. This because these magazines have a spring that pushes the BBs out into your barrel. If you leave BBs in your magazine, the spring in there stays compressed and loses its force. This means that your magazine will not feed correctly anymore over time. Meaning you will need to buy either new springs or magazines. By keeping them empty after usage you will avoid these costs.


Protect your optic when you’re using one. Good optics are expensive and especially when you’re using real firearm optics. And because we’re all shooting at each other in this sport, there is a chance that projectiles might hit your optic as well. To protect your expenses and avoid yourself to get a new one, you can either look for kill flashes (also called ARDs or honeycombs) or plastic protectors that can be mounted on your optic itself.

Or look for plastic protectors that can be mounted on your rail in front of your optic. This little extra cost might save you from a cost that can be much bigger in the future. Also ask yourself: is saving those few extra 10 to 20 bucks for a protector worth all the hassle when your optic does get shot?


Whether you’re looking for a new airsoft gun, accessory, piece of gear or whatever. Getting a good idea of what you buy is important and will definitely save you money, especially in a market where a lot of stuff is being made for the lowest prices possible.

We’ve seen some things like people using a sling for 2 Euros they found on the web and 15 minutes into the game the hook of the thing broke. With the result that this guy’s gun fell barrel down into the dirt. And you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that that is bad!

So, after that we think it would have been better to look for a more reliable sling. So guys, avoid yourself such crap, get yourself in the community, ask around and learn from each other, look for reviews and all that kind of stuff. And don’t be too close-handed. Take it from us, you rather want to save up for some more quality product than having to deal with the consequences of the cheap products. Where you btw have spend money on, that could have been used for the better product.


Neglecting your equipment by not maintaining it will not make it last long (This is even true for quality products). Cleaning your boots and clothes will not only remove the smell but will also make it last longer. Cleaning your eyewear properly avoids getting scratched lenses and maintaining your sophisticated airsoft guns makes them function properly.

This means that your barrel needs to stay clean and dry to perform at its best. Because there’s a lot of discussion on the web about this topic. Have a look at How to clean your airsoft barrel for the best accuracy

Also, very important! Let your gun or guns go through a full maintenance every year. Whether you do it yourself, ask a buddy with tech experience or let your local store do it. This way issues are detected really quickly and only require a minor cost to solve and avoid further damage instead of waiting too long and having to deal with possible larger expenses later.


These were our 5 money saving tips for you airsofters out there. Hope these were helpful. Don’t forget to like & subscribe to stay tuned on our upcoming stuff.

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