"Templar's Gear©", once founded by a bunch of hobbyists who simply aimed to make better nylon gear than what was available at the time. That was where the journey all began. Yet ever since then, a lot has changed and Templar's Gear© has grown into one of Europe's most trusted high-quality tactical equipment manufacturers for military & police units.

This quality however also comes with a price tag. Of course, this is not for nothing. There are founded reasons behind it, like the vast amount of in-field testing, the used state-of-the-art technologies and the continuous improvements on their product line.

With this small blog we want to share some insights with you, to show you the differences Templar's Gear© provides and why they might make a difference for your personal applications.


Let's start by giving you an insight on how the company operates. For the people at Templar's Gear© development is not a linear stage, where you have product creation, testing and putting it to market. This is certainly part of it, but not the whole process. Their approach has something more of a "continuous loop".

The idea is that even after a product has been released to private and public markets, there will always be ways to improve upon them. And for that reason Templar's Gear© does something that not a lot of brands in this business do well, namely they "listen" to feedback.

Now, you could say there are plenty of companies that do listen to their customers, so that's not unique at all. That's indeed true, but most brands actually don't do anything useful with that info or at least translate that into actual improvements. Templar's Gear© does however and they do it very well too.

Once Templar's Gear© received feedback from its users, they go back to the drawing board and create the next generation of that particular product. This might be an entire redesign or like in most cases, a change in requested features like added comfort or making small but essential changes for better durability.

A perfect example of all this is the Crusader Plate Carrier Rapid Open Connectors GEN4 (or CPC ROC in short). As the name states this is already the fourth generation of Templar's Gear© most popular plate carrier and the improvements since generation 1 are a world of difference. Even so that it is almost perfect according to our expertise.


The CPC ROC is, just as their other plate carriers (TPC, CPC LP & Cataphract), a full plate carrier system. Meaning that it minimally comes with two plate bags, shoulders and cummerbunds all at once. So you just need to add your gear & plates, adjust the size and you're ready to go.

This is a whole different approach than some other brands that allow you to custom choose between different parts. However, Templar's Gear© made sure that their carriers do come with a whole array of built-in modularity features.

This because they know that their end-users might want to change their setups according to their personal preferences or the different tasks they face. And for that they've implemented certain industry standards to make them perfectly work with most third-party products. One is that their front panel buckles are compatible with the Mayflower®/Velocity Systems standard and another is that their back panel zippers are according to the Crye Precision® AVS standard.

Furthermore, the other way around is also true. Templar's Gear© makes sure that their accessory products are as universal as they can get. Think about for example their PT5 Tactical Belt or the Convertible Dangler Pouch.


Although Templar's Gear© initially started with a whole different purpose, quality was, is and always will be the main focus along with ruggedness and light weights. This results in their nylon gear being perfect for the extreme conditions of combat.

This can only be done in one way and that is by starting off with quality raw materials. Products from Cordura®, Velcro®, AustriAlpen®, 2M®, Delrin, Woojin Plastic etc are all part of it. But that is not all. Templar's Gear© continuously searches for new unknown raw materials that may help them improve for coming generations of products.

Along with all this, it may be said that when you hold, carry & use one of their products it is directly noticeable how much effort goes into their finish. The precise laser-cut laminate and neat stitching are immediate visual proof of that. But there are also a couple of things that are not immediately visible to the naked eye, like the fact that their used materials are water-resistant and also IRR (InfraRed Reflective) treated to conceal against night vision devices.


Another thing that makes Templar's Gear© so desired amongst users is that, unlike any other brand, they provide their whole range of products in a whopping fourteen different colors and patterns to the civilian market. In total there are even more, but they are limited to specific countries due to licensing. 

There where most companies only focus on two to four of the most popular colors, Templar's Gear© offers three times as many options. Ranging from the incredibly popular Multicam variants (original, black & tropic) down to the most recently developed Concamo or lesser-known, but highly effective A-Tacs variants or high-vis orange for Search & Rescue (SAR) units.

In other words, if you need a specific camouflage pattern or want to built a kit in an uncommon camouflage color. This is where Templar's Gear© offers something none other do.


Besides all the quality aspects Templar's Gear© offers, there's also the matter of innovation. And to say the least, the bright minds behind the company have done some surprising innovations in the last couple of years.

Think about the use of padded Coolmax® as plate bag backings instead of the commonly used spacer mesh which allows for more effective cooling plus the fact that it doesn't hold dirt and is easy to clean. Or the Templar's Gear© Training Plates that are a near-perfect representation of multi-curved ballistic plates. This makes them ideal for training purposes without the risk of damaging your expensive ballistic protection.

Another example is their uniquely clever design to alter the shoulder buckles on the latest iteration of their CPC ROC Plate Carrier. This allows you to change the standard ROC® shoulder buckles to any other buckle or if you don't need one, simply leave it out. Also the PT6 Tactical Belt is nice example of this. This is probably the lightest modular tactical belt on the market that still maintains comfortable, durable and rigid.


It can't be denied that Templar's Gear© their unique and devoted approach to making quality and innovative products pushes boundaries of the tactical industry. And in some cases more surprising than expected.

After extensively using their products for years and seeing the brand develop into what it is today, we're certain they will keep on bringing out great products. And for all these reasons we have made Templar's Gear© available on our shop.